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Remove the kernel line - kneading dates

Production capacity: 1 ton / hour
A general description of the line:
Stoning the line - first unplug the dough dates cores for dates through the withdrawal of snails, dedicated to this work and then Bin dates
And thus the machine produces a paste of dates without cores can be used in many industrial applications in food and pastry desserts and other requirements of the market dates.


Line features a great effect as it is economical and is characterized by high productivity and quality of dough dates extracted where it does not have impurities from the core or the suppression of dates without any waste of:

  • Line segments.
  • Electrical control panel.
  • Feeder.
  • Mincing machine.
  • Nutritious helix 1.
  • Nutritious helix 2.
  • Head out Dates.
  • Conveyor 1.
  • Conveyor 2.
  • Mixer.

Technical specifications for the line:
The structure of machines
The external structure of the machines made entirely of stainless steel 304 appropriate for the food industry as it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and chemical reactions.

Action Line:
Electrical control panel:
Which you give a command for each machine where all the machines connected to the control panel and the panel containing the touch screen and can give orders through the screen of the control line output in full - speed, production - where the system is programmed to display the [PLC].
And be fed painting 380V.


Containing the basin is emptied out the dates and dates, transferred through the snail to Shredder after presentation to the hot steam.


Mincing machine:
They come after them are nutritious and chop dates, ready for the grinding process.


Nutritious helix 1:
Consists of a snail moves the dates to the feeder helix 2 after presentation to the hot steam.

Nutritious helix 2:
Has the same specifications nutritious helix I, but here is transferred to the Head out Dates.

Head out Dates:
A machine in the central line, which you drag cores of dates, and finely milled and sorted on each end and the nucleus is pulled by snail and channeled to the Fund allocated to the nuclei.


Conveyor 1:
Is to conduct small-scale placed between the head out Dates and the conduct of the carrier 2 and the provider have a fan to cool the dates and delivers to the conduct of the carrier 2.


Conveyor 2:
The transfer of chopped dates to the Mixer  and has a fan to cool the chopped dates and Sir provider side barriers to prevent the dough fall dates.

- Mixer:
Where the first conveyor conveys the chopped dates and skim Pressed to conduct the second dates to the introduction of Mixer.

Which are Bjn dates and produce a  Binner dates.
This machine Bjn dates are very soft so that it becomes a soft dough.
Machine consists of snail and the process of kneading Mscapk.

End machine comes out of the barrel of dough dates to balance the weight of the dough-mail resulting from the packaging to be within the required packages by weight.


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