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Welding machine the surface of the packaging

Use this machine - with Sir mobile - in production lines and packing materials and containers of different as it is the mechanism of movement and production as it is the Conveyor Belt does not need to compress packets one by one like a machine hand as it can be unit complementary production line and filling containers are Packaging unit in-line automated.

This machine has the impact of electromagnetic cell to produce an internal temperature high and directly in the multi-layer cover to heat the aluminum lid lined with layers of plastic and hot Salnj Lacker for welding at the brink of plastic bottles and glass containers.

Machine with high productivity and features air cooling system.

There is a machine control screen facilitates the process of controlling all the process through the control panel programmed the PLC system.

 There is also a machine thermostat to control the degree of emission of waves from the packaging machine according to Qatar to be covered and closed as there is a extension machine and job is to ensure the presence of aluminum foil cover multi-layered cover pack or not.

 There is also a sensor to adjust the cell height for the package vary depending on the package there is also high key selection - Limit Switch - Broxmte for the operation of the cell when the passage of containers covered under the giant cell and the cell suspension for automation when you do not pass packages from under the cell.

Outside of the machine body is made of the marginal and the coated material Ketrrutiatic d to fit the food and pharmaceutical human and veterinary drugs and chemicals and all the conditions in an area that requires to be filled in the machine coating to this article.

 Machine is suitable for plastic bottles made from polycarbonate materials Itill BBC and ITV and BBC ITV and BBC no G T C and poly styrene and IP S and polycarbonate and polyamide polycarbonate with built-Itll Alco X and PVC plastic raw materials and all.


Use this machine in a variety of fields and multi-among them, for example, but not limited to the mobilization of food and filling and packaging dairy products filling and packaging human drugs and filling and packaging veterinary medicines and the mobilization of pesticides and the mobilization of chemicals and packing detergents and packing cosmetics and mobilization and Packaging motor oils and other products that need to Packaging.Machine dimensions:


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