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Legumes packaging Machine

short kinds of pasta, pulses, coffee, rice, cereals, frozen foods, spices, flour, detergents, chemical additives, bread yeast, salt, sugar, cement, resins, feed, pet food, sand, various kinds of granulated products, fertilisers, loam, seeds, pellet, sweets, sweetmeats, dried fruit, etc.

General Feature

  • touch screen
  • hydraulic lifting of film reel
  • film reel self-centring lock
  • automatic film reel centring
  • end of reel film sensors
  • automatic printing centring
  • quick change film reel device
  • bag bottom vibrator device
  • storage of programmes for different formats
  • adjustable opening of welding cramps
  • film dragging speed setting


  • bellows system or square-bottom bag system
  • bag punching device
  • antistatic agent
  • various kinds of markers and coders
  • dust suction set up
  • upper platform with access ladder and protective railings
  • bags with handle grips
  • stainless steel version (for fertilisers, salt and aggressive products)


technical specifications

Maximum bag length 700 mm
Maximum bag width 480 mm
Maximum reel diameter 600 mm
Minimum reel band 400 mm
Maximum reel band 1000 mm
Electrical consumption 8 KW
Pneumatic consumption 300 Lt/min
Working pressure 6-8 BARS
Yield Until  1800 BAGS/HOURS
Fomats 1 - 25 Kilos